Long-Life Gold SAE 15W-40

PENZOIL LONG-LIFE GOLD SAE 15W-40Heavy Duty Motor Oil an exceptional motor oil formulated with time-release protection technology that exceeds the performance requirement of API CI-4/SL classification. It provides excellent quality in both on-and off-highway applications for both diesel and petrol engines, including engines equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and for turbocharged diesel engines.


  • Suitable for on-and off-road highway vehicles and equipment including commonrail diesel engines heavy trucks, light vehicles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, passenger cars, heavy duty construction equipment, mining equipment, agricultural equipment, diesel powered coastal vessels and generator sets


  • Minimize soot formation
  • Helps extend engines life
  • Minimize corrosive wear
  • Reduces friction
  • Engines wear protection
  • Fight sludge and varnish
  • Minimize piston and combustion chamber deposits
  • Contain anti-wear and anti-scuff agents


  • API CI-4/SL, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF
  • ACEA E3-96#4/E5-02
  • ACEA A3-02/B3-98#/B4-02
  • JASO DH-1 (quality), Global DHD-1
  • Cummins 20078, 20077, 20076, 20072, 20071
  • MACK EO-N Premium Plus EO-M Plus EO-M
  • Volvo VDS-3, VDS 2
  • MBp228.3 (PA), MAN 3275 (PA)


Long-Life Gold SAE 15W-40
Note : We currently updating our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Products Data Sheet (PDS).